Shabbat Shalom Akron Shabbat Blessings, Prayers and Songs to enrich your Shabbat celebration

Title                                                                                                            Words                 Audio


01   Bim Bom Shabbat Shalom! (performed by Sasonkin children)                               words                         audio


02   Shabbat Candle Blessing  (recited by, Sarah Greenblatt

        sung by Rachel Osherow)                                                                                                words                         audio a           audio b


03   Shalom Aleichem (performed by Sasonkin children)                                                words                         audio


04   Parent blessing for sons and daughters said in Hebrew

        and English (Sarah Greenblatt)                                                                                      words                         audio


05   Kiddush blessing (sung by Lippman students)                                                           words                         audio


06   Full traditional Kiddush: (sung by Steve Botnick)                                                     words                         audio


07   Handwashing blessing (recited by Lippman students)                                             words                          audio


08   Hamotzi (recited by Lippman students)   Hamotzi (sung Rachel Osherow)        words                         audio a          audio b


09   Birkat HaMazon- first paragraph (sung by Lippman students)                              words                         audio


10   Songs and prayers to add spirit to Shabbat: Oseh Shalom

        (performed by Sasonkin children)                                                                                 words                         audio


11   L’Cha Dodi melody #1 (performed by Sasonkin children)                                         words                         audio


12   L’Cha Dodi melody #2 (performed by Cantor Kathy Fromson)                               words                         audio


13   L’cha Dodi melody #3  (performed by Rachel Osherow)                                           words                         audio


14   Bo’e B’Shalom   (performed by Shay Goldenberg, Israeli Shaliach)                        words                         audio


 15   Shabbababat Shabbat Shalom (performed by Cantor Kathy Fromson)                words                         audio


16   Dinosaur Shabbat Song (performed by Cantor Kathy Fromson)                            words                          audio


17   Hinei Mah Tov melody #1 (performed by Rachel Osherow)                                    words                          audio


18   Hinei Mah Tov melody #2 (performed by Cantor Kathy Fromson)                       words                          audio


19   David Melekh Yisrael (performed by Sasonkin children)                                         words                          audio


20   Salaam (performed by Shay Goldenberg, Israeli Shaliach)                                      words                         audio


21   L’ma’an Achai V’ray-ey (performed by Shay Goldenberg, Israeli Shaliach)          words                         audio


22   Kee va Mo’ed  (performed by Sasonkin children)                                                       words                         audio


23   Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (performed by Rachel Osherow)                                     words                         audio


24   Ah-nee V’ah-ta  (performed by Shay Goldenberg)                                                     words                          audio


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